What Does it Take to Write SEO Centered Articles

How to Write Articles that are Focused on SEO

While it's true that pretty much anyone with the proper set of skills can write compelling articles, writing them for the internet changes the playing field a bit. You not only need to write for your readers but also for the search engines. You're missing out on a lot of free traffic whenever your articles fail to get noticed by the search engines. You're not only interested in getting your articles posted online but also in getting them read; that is why SEO is so important.

Long Tail Keywords are a Must: Ask any SEO expert about the benefits of targeting long tail keyword phrases, and you'll know exactly what you should be writing your articles about. The specific nature of long tail keywords is what sets them apart and helps you get results. For example, "dog training" is a broad keyword, but "how to train your dog in a week" is a long tail keyword. When you start writing your articles around such keyword phrases, the chances of attracting targeted traffic increase because first of all, there are less competing sites, and secondly, long tail keywords make more sense to the user that's searching using them. Relate the Title to the Body of the Article: Because the title is an integral part of your article, when it comes to SEO, it is very important that the title matches the content of the article. Don't write a vague title that doesn't really connect with the main article. It is okay to use your primary keyword in your article's title and it is okay to be creative when you compose it but remember that the title is the first thing that your potential visitors will see when your article pops up in the search engine results and if it doesn't relate to your article your results won't be good.

Human Readers Matter Most: Being excited about the search engines is fine but never forget that the human readers are the most important. If your article doesn't help the people who are reading it or if it is hard to read then getting ranked in the search engines won't matter because it is the people who other are reading your articles that matter for your profit margin. Your main objective needs to be finding a balance between what the search engines want and what your readers like to see. This the article isn't just about how easy it is to write good SEO articles but also why it is so important for you to do. It make perfect sense, since you're going to all the trouble of writing an article anyway, to make it appeal to both readers and search engines. When you properly optimize your articles for the search engines they'll get positive results from the search engines for years to come. It's time for you to roll up your sleeves and get busy writing articles that are well worth the effort.

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